Hellenic Association of Furriers

The Greek Fur Institute was created with the main purpose to promote the Greek fur industry and defending the interests of Greek furriers artisans of the region of Kastoria and Siatistas . In furtherance of the industry undertakes to inform the general public about the Greek fur industry , raise the entire industry and to contribute to the international recognition of the industry as the best in the world in the production of finished fur . The starting point was to create brand name for the art of fur and fur ready under the name "GreekFur" and implement a reliable system for distribution and control of the label "GreekFur". Created by local unions of fur and the Chamber of Kastoria and supported by the Greek State.

Administrative Council

Hellenic Association of Furriers

Hellenic Association of Furriers

The Hellenic Association of Furriers (HAF) was established in 2008 with the aim of asserting and promoting the important issues of the Greek fur industry, setting high goals, new visions, current views and innovative modes. The 90 entrepreneurs, members of HAF, is the most important industry with a strong position in the global market, international recognition and a large percentage of sales in the global movement of fur.




In the context of achieving the objectives of the HAF, took the initiative of organizing two major events for the international fur industry in Greece, one of the largest production centers in the world:

  1. The organization of the 1st FUR INTERNATIONAL FORUM held in November 2009 in Kastoria and garnered the interest of the global fur industry, involving personalities from various countries of the world. The HAF the initiative of this upgraded and enhanced the image of the Greek market , setting the stage for the establishment of the institution to be held every two years.
  2. The organization of FUR EXCELLENCE IN ATHENS, International Fur Fair that takes place in Athens. The HAF aims to develop a strong exposure model that serves the needs of professionals involved in this and flexibly and dynamically adapt to the changes and needs of the market. A fact of strategic importance for the fur industry that aims to:
  • To launch a new era
  • To be a development lever in the growth engine for the Greek and international fur
  • To be the benchmark for fashion and the fur industry in general

Objectives of the HAF:

  1. Development of extroversion of Greek gounopoiitikon business
  2. Expansion of new markets - consolidation in emerging global markets (U.S., China, etc.)
  3. Strengthened presence of Greek businesses in markets that are already active (countries of the former Soviet Union), increasing market share by 30% over the next five years
  4. Increasing production at a rate of 40-50 % over the next five years and the employed labor force
  5. Acceptance and use of inert and wasted National Economic Capital of traditional craftsmanship and unique style fur product, both at European and global level